Southfork Ranch

You don’t have to be from Dallas to remember J.R. Ewing and family. Dallas first aired April 2, 1978. What was to be just a five-part mini series ended up lasting 14 seasons, then continued with follow up movies.  Then after 20 years the second generation was back with John Ross Jr. and Christopher grown and ready to rumble in honor of their dads and carry the torch. Unfortunately, after 2 seasons, the new Dallas was cancelled. Regardless, Dallas was watched worldwide and just as Burt Reynolds in Smokey & The Bandit made the Trans Am famous, the Ewings made Southfork Ranch not only famous, but a worldwide name.

Official Tourist Destination of

Whether you live in the Dallas area or are just visiting Texas, Southfork Ranch, the “Official Tourist Destination” of is a must see. CLICK HERE for more information about Southfork Ranch!