northDsports was founded by Rick Duncan. Rick’s passion for sports began at a young age. He grew up in California, Florida and Texas. He has always been a sports fan, whether it be football, baseball, golf or any other sports. Living in Cocoa Beach as a kid, Rick played baseball, as many kids in the 70’s did, and he remembers going to the MLB games in Cocoa, where the Astro’s trained in the early 70’s. When asked, Rick replied “I remember my mom taking us boys to the games and it was so up close and personal. You could walk right up to the players after the game when they were walking to their buses. I remember when the Texas Rangers came for the first time and I think I got every one of their autographs, plus pictures with some of the players. It was a great time and place to be a kid.”

In his late teens, Rick went to work for the newspaper in Houston as a stringer photographer and covered the Oilers and Cowboys. Over the next several years he ventured into several businesses, classic cars being one. He grew up in the classic car business and he has remained in that business to this day, but he has never lost his passion for sports. He also pioneered Houston Sports Weekly in the 1990’s, which covered Houston pro, college and high schools sports.

Rick said, “I remember watching football games and golf on a little 5″ black & white TV when players such as Johnny Unitus, Roger Staubach, Jack Nicklaus and others played. It was then that I respected class and greatness in sports. I have learned that there are mediocre players, great players and phenomenal players. The ones that excel to the phenomenal level have a natural ability to enter a zone, as no others can. Remembering how I felt when these greats entered the field inspired me to bring this same feeling to sports fans of all ages in the north Dallas area. Whether you’re 10 or 80 years old, sports is a major part of many lives and the inspiration that great players with class express to our youth lays a foundation for their future character like nothing else can, not to mention the lives sports touches through charities and the direct involvement of players and teams nationwide. I call it the essence of sports.”

Rick played in the Amateur Golf Tour for several years, where he won 10 First Place Tournaments and 2 Annual First Place Points qualifying him for National Competition. Unfortunately, due to a serious heat stroke, he had to withdraw from competitive golf.

Rick has compiled a renowned sports collection over the years and has it on display at his Washington and Allen, TX office. Looking at the memorabilia, he says that is where he is most at home, “When you look at the pictures and into the eyes of players such as Roger Staubach, Joe Montana, Tom Watson, Ben Crenshaw and other great athletes, you not only see determination, but you also see a level of peace in their focus which expresses that they love the game. This mixture of peacefulness plus the determination to succeed and to be their best is the essence of of sports.”

We hope that northDsports brings a positive reflection of what sports was meant to be. From great players of all sports, whether it be the echos of Ben Hogan or Byron Nelson in golf or Roger Staubach to Troy Aikman in football to the new and upcoming stars such as Jordan Spieth or Cole Beasley, our area here is Dallas has and is producing some phenomenal athletes!