Allen Americans (Off-Season)

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Casey Pierro-Zabotel of the Allen Americans taking a shot

Allen Americans (Off-Season)

What’s the best thing a team can do in the off-season? Re-sign one of their top scorers. That’s just what the Allen Americans did a couple of weeks ago and much more is coming down the pike.

Casey Pierro-Zabotel of the Allen Americans

Casey Pierro-Zabotel finished first in PTS last season with 69 and first in assists with 50. He had 19 goals with Bryan Moore at 21 and Alex Guptill completing the season with 27. Casey was 3rdin +/- ending the season at +19, with Joel Chouinard finishing at +21 and David Makowski at +28. Pierro-Zabotel and Chouinard completed the most games in the 2017/18 season with 72.

In comparison with the league for the 2017/18 season Casey was 6thin PTS with 69 and 2ndin assists with 50, just behind Cincinnati Cyclone’s Jesse Schultz with 57.

Not only does Casey bring great play back to the Allen Americans, but he also brings leadership and class that every teammate individually and every team as a whole needs to be successful.

Casey Pierro Zabotel of the Allen Americans

Watching Pierro-Zabotel close throughout the season, it was apparent that he not only maintained positive energy on the ice with all of his teammates, but he also generated positivity on the ice when the team was behind, and when many, including local critics had written the Americans off to make the playoffs. Whether it’s playing tough or laughing with opponents, It’s very apparent that he is well respected by other teammates and opponents as well.

Tommy Daniels holding the phone with Coach Steve Martinson on FaceTime re-signing Casey Pierro-Zabotel in June, 2018. Pierro-Zabotel handing the signed contract back to Daniels.

When asked by, After playing for 2 championship teams and with the changes in Colorado, what’s your thoughts on the American’s chances next season and what impact, with the Eagles being gone, does it have on a championship run next year? Pierro-Zabotel responded, “I think every year Allen has a good chance of winning no matter what teams are there or gone.” So far in the off-season, is there anything in particular that you have observed that is advantageous going into next season?” Casey responded, “Martinson does such a great job of recruiting every year, so there’s always a good chance of winning.” “What’s your thoughts on re-signing a couple of weeks ago with the fans present?” “Anything other than a championship is a disappointment and that’s why Allen is such a great place to play, that’s why I keep coming back.” Casey said, “I thought it was a great turnout on the announcement day, they are always supportive and enjoy winning as much as we all want to.”

Casey Pierro-Zabotel of the Allen Americans is looking forward to witnessing the next chapter of Casey Pierro Zabotel on the ice in Allen, Texas during the 2018/19 ECHL season.

Last week the Americans staff traveled to Las Vegas for meetings and the ECHL conference. We will have more news on what transpired in Vegas, but we do know that we can congratulate the Allen Americans for winning the best team website from the ECHL while in Vegas. This is one piece of news that didn’t stay in Vegas.

Allen Americans staff in Las Vegas 2018. From left to right: Robert Ciccotelli (Vice President Corporate Partnerships), Tommy Daniels (Vice President Broadcasting & Communications), Jack D. Gulati (Owner), Amber Barros (Director Group Sales), Matt Canavan (President G.M.)

In other ECHL news, today the Norfolk Admirals sign an affiliation deal with the Arizona Coyotes of the NHL. “We’re really excited to begin a new chapter and partnership with the Coyotes organization” said Admirals owner Ardon Wiener. “From the on-ice to the front office, Arizona is a top-notch organization and this partnership will help us continue to build on the tradition that has been created here over the last 29 seasons.”

If you are interested in last season’s playoff statistics, CLICK HERE for all the ECHL playoff stats, including Allen.

Is it October yet???????

Casey Pierro-Zabotel of the Allen Americans

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