Texas Revolution defeats North Texas 49-14 in Frisco Debut

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Clinton Solomon catching the first Texas Revolution TD at Dr. Pepper Arena in Frisco. Photo by: northDsports.com

Texas Revolution defeats North Texas 49-14 in Frisco Debut

Coin toss at their inaugural game in Frisco. The Texas Revolution! Photo by: northDsports.com

It had been several years since my last indoor football game. I remembered the excitement and the Texas Revolution didn’t disappoint on Sunday, February 25, 2018, in their first home game in Frisco, Texas. The North Texas Savages (NTX) were in town with hopes of knocking the Rev’s off the pedestal in game one.

The ball went to NTX first and the Revolution defense came out firing on all cylinders. It was apparent that NTX’s offensive game plan was to focus on the ground game and the Revs limited the rush very efficiently. In the first half, when NTX went to the air, coverage was excellent, whether it was the short pass or deep shots.

Preston Paulson of the Texas Revolution stopping North Texas. Photo by: northDsports.com

Preston Paulson said “Every game we wanna come out and just dominate and keep our opponents scoreless and our second goal is to keep them under 21 and we did that.”  Paulson continued, “Essentially, we did our job on defense and the offense did a great job today.” When asked if any adjustments were made on defense at halftime, Paulson said, “The only adjustment we made was giving them the back-up team, that’s about it, same mindset though.”

Brandon Crawford QB threw the first TD pass for the Texas Revolution in Frisco: Photo by: northDsports.com

On offense, quarterback #12 Brandon Crawford (Langston U) started behind center. It didn’t take long before he found Clinton Solomon with the long ball for a TD. Whether it was rushing or passing yards, the Revs drove the ball and NTX’s defense was doing little to stop their progress throughout the first half. Brett Reece Jr. (Ouachita Baptist U) also scored in the first half along with Jarrel Kelley (College Wichita). The Revs went into halftime 21-0 over NTX.

Clinton Solomon catching the first Texas Revolution TD at Dr. Pepper Arena in Frisco. Photo by: northDsports.com

Halftime entertainment kept everyone in their seats while Hero, from America’s Got Talent, captured the crowd with his trainer Sara.

Hero from America’s Got Talent. Photo by: northDsports.com

The Revs made a QB change in the second half. Richard Adkins (Bowie) took the helm. A couple of bad snaps and some turn overs gave NTX some opportunities, but they only capitalized with 14 points during the second half. The Revs’ defensive strategy, even with differing personnel, was effective. With Adkins taking the snaps on offense and a mixture of rotating players throughout the second half, the Revs’ offense continued scoring putting up a total of 28 points in the second half, ultimately defeating North Texas 49-14.

Richard Adkins of the Texas Revolution going for the end zone. Photo by: northDsports.com

In analyzing the game, there are several variables that created the scoring gap in this game. Let’s start with the defense; the objective in any football game is to stop the other team from scoring and driving the ball; so, how did the Revs accomplish that on Sunday? First off, they put pressure on the QB and they picked up quickly that he was out of his element being forced out of the pocket. Many of his passes were thrown under pressure and were inaccurate and when he had receivers open, it was only for a short window, then coverage closed in and created pressure on the receivers. Again, it was apparent that NTX came out putting their cards in the run game, but when the Revs’ defense manhandled their rushers, there was no other alternative but to turn to the pass. Strong coverage and pressure across the line is why the Revs were successful in holding NTX to 14 points and beating their goal of holding teams to less than 21 points.

Football is a two-tiered system. When the offense is scoring, it takes pressure off the defense and when the defense is stopping the opponent from scoring it takes pressure off the offense. When analyzing many games, you can attribute the win to great offensive play or great defensive play and sometimes both. Sunday’s win by the Revs can be attributed to both. The defense made the stops and the offense moved the ball. When those two variables are in sync, you very rarely witness a team loss. With an explosive offense and tight defense, the Revolution won the championship last year and they have started strong in 2018. After game 1 it has already shaped up to be an exciting season.

Preston Paulson of the Texas Revolution hitting hard. Photo by: northDsports.com

After the game, fans got to mingle on the field with the team and the Texas Revolution Dancers. It was quite a treat for fans of all ages. On March 3, 2018. the Revs will play away against the Dallas Marshalls at Fair Park Coliseum and will be back in Frisco at Dr. Pepper Arena against the Duke City Gladiators on March 17. For tickets call: 972-422-7277 or go to http://texasrevs.com/tickets/

The Texas Revolution signs autographs and hangs out with fans after their first game and win in Frisco on 2/25/2018. Photo by: northDsports.com

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