McKinney Lions looking at Playoffs

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Matt Gadek carries the ball for Mckinney. Photo By: Michael Gutierrez

McKinney Lions looking at Playoffs

Tonight the 6-2 McKinney Lions take on the 3-5 Wylie Pirates in a home conference game. With the season winding down and with 2 games left the Lions only need 1 win to move into the playoffs.

Aaron Brown (Junior) leads the McKinney Lions onto the field. Photo Courtesy of: Michael Gutierrez.

McKinney is leading Wylie in rushing yards per game 281 to 213, while Wylie’s passing game edges the Lions 192 to 131. Total yards put this match-up very close with Wylie at 406 and McKinney at 412. On defense, tackles and sacks are statistically close, giving neither team an edge and Wylie is scoring just a bit more per game than McKinney, 29.8-24.5 points. As the season draws to a close and teams are positioning for post season, statistics can sometimes be a wash and execution against the opponents weaknesses become more prevalent. In games like these, one mistake can decide the game, whether it be tackling, missing a receiver, turnovers or special teams. In essence, mistakes can be the cost of a loss in any game, but when you’re down to the wire, mistakes on either side can become exponentially more drastic and can make or break you.

Matt Gadek (Senior) stacking up yards for the McKinney Lions. Photo Courtesy of: Michael Gutierrez

The key tonight may just be the running game. Team leaders in rushing have a wide gap. Matt Gadek of McKinney is averaging 229.9 yards per game, while Wylie’s top rusher David Addo is only averaging 77.6 yards per game. Gadek, who is a senior, broke 2 records in 1 night a couple of weeks ago. He rushed for 599 yards, which broke the Texas state record for most rushing yards in a single game. He also became the all-time leading rusher for McKinney High School. would like to congratulate Matt Gadek on this accomplishment. It is not everyday or every season that a player rushes for 599 yards in one game. Even zeroing out Gadek’s 599 yard rushing game, his average is 168.3 yards, more than double Wylie’s top rusher.

In Gadek’s record breaking game Mckinney beat Plano east 63-50.

Gadek has played 7 games this season and has rushed for 1609 yards with 13 rushing TD’s. On defense, Andrew Pitts and and Matthew Wagner have 24 solo tackles each. Danny Lenard has racked up 27 solo tackles, while Andrew Mills has 28.

Jake Smith (Senior) of McKinney makes the stop. Photo Courtesy of: Michael Gutierrez.

Jackson Cantrell (Senior) and Danny Lenard (Junior) of the McKinney Lions take down the rusher. Photo Courtesy of: Michael Gutierrez

Therefore, both of these teams have the ability to put points on the board and being pretty much equal in defensive stats like sacks and tackles, scoring may come down to some execution mistakes on defense and/or offense. There is no doubt that Wylie will be focused on Gadek and coaches usually have a remedy to sidetrack that philosophy. It’s sure to be an exciting game to watch tonight, while the McKinney Lions chase a win.

McKinney Head Coach, Jeff Smith, talking strategy with his players. Photo Courtesy of: Michael Gutierrez. would like to thanks Michael Gutierrez for his assistance with this story. Thanks also to Coach Smith and McKinney High School.

If you can make this game, it’s sure to be a good one. The game will be played at Ron Poe Stadium.

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