Police fight Firefighters in Allen Texas

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Hunter Musgrave of Balch Springs FD battling Kristopher Taylor of Blue Mound PD

Police fight Firefighters in Allen Texas

Photo By: northDsports.com / Our brave warriors presenting our colors

The evening started with America’s service members presenting our colors. These brave men and women are on the front lines every day. northDsports salutes you.

Photo By: northDsports.com / The fight begins at the 16th Annual Guns & Hoses

It’s only fitting that red vs. blue is representative of the red, white and blue of our American flag colors. On September 9, 2017 The Guns and Hoses fight between the Fire Team and the Police Team was held at Allen Event Center, Allen, Texas. The intensity was real, but the respect that these first responders afforded each other escalated to another level.

Photo By: northDsports.com / Dart PD Officer Misty McBride entering the ring.

The first bout of the night was an exhibition between Misty McBride of Dart PD and Brandyce Johnson of Garland PD. Last year McBride put herself in the line of fire and was shot twice protecting citizens during the Dallas protests.

Photo By: northDsports.com / McBride and Johnson trading punches.

In honor of fallen first responders, the annual Guns and Hoses Boxing Tournament between the firefighters and police officers held its sixteenth annual event and they didn’t disappoint. The boxing action in the ring was real, exciting and competitive, but in the end these warriors, who respond to protect and serve that thin line of law and order and disasters that plague our society, gave each other the respect that is deserved.

Photo By: northDsports.com / Jeff Kendall of Balch Springs FD and Demont Hickman of Dallas PD displaying their reach.

The memorial banners were scattered in the halls of Allen Event Center in memory of fallen officers. I have witnessed many sports memorials of players and the ones that were not with us usually died of natural causes. But as I perused the memorial displays in Allen Event Center, the realization that many of these individuals were so brutally killed began to create an anger that I had trouble controlling. Reading about the ambush of officer Brent A. Thompson, Michael J. Smith, Patricio E. Zamarripa and Michael L. Krol brings the reality of their job to light. How dare these faceless and cowardly thugs take the lives of these innocent officers in an ambush such as this. Then I shifted to the Guns and Hoses program to read more about these individuals, who have been forever memorialized. When we launched northDsports.com, we made a rule never to go negative, but in this case, I feel that negative is all you can reflect on these animals who brutally killed these officers. As I viewed the program pictures I noticed one sad fact. Most of these officers had children. Looking at these fallen officers with their families and children brings the stark realization of the absolute needless an unjustified loss to so many.  The Guns and Hoses Foundation deserve a great deal of respect for taking their time in order to bring some positive light to such tragedies.

Photo By: northDsports.com / Memorials of fallen officers and correctional officers at Allen Event Center.

Unfortunately, many media outlets have given these thugs a voice and I feel grateful to have my own voice and that is what America is all about. We have become so content in our individual worlds that we forget how these first responders are, in essence, behind the scenes every day putting their lives on the line. northDsports.com praises The Guns and Hoses foundation of North Texas for bringing sports and charity together in this event. We preach “the essence of sports” at northDsports and there is no better example of how sports can bring a community together in support of those who experienced such an unjustified and tragic end of life. We sometimes cannot see through their uniforms that they are individuals, fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, aunts, uncles, etc… ALL LIVES MATTER and until we can come to that realization, the hatred will continue.

Photo By: northDsports.com / Corey Byrom of Denton FD and Perry Strickland of Dallas PD congratulating each other after their well fought bout.

To donate to this great organization go to http://www.gunsandhosesnorthtx.org/donate/

northDsports.com is looking forward to next year. Don’t forget The Guns and Hoses Foundation of North Texas is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is conducted by a group of volunteers consisting of police officers, firefighters, business owners and citizens. Their mission is to provide immediate monetary support for the families of fallen firefighters and police officers, scholarships for dependent children of the fallen, raise funds to support the youth of the community and to donate funds to designated charities.

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