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McKinney Baseball Association Helping Spread Baseball Worldwide recently learned that the McKinney Baseball Association donated equipment in order to help Cambodian Children learn the game of baseball. We so often take our game for granted, but when one witnesses the generosity from groups that have the ability to help, it reminds us to be just a bit more humble. Again, Texas expresses to the world that we are willing to assist. The McKinney Baseball Association is truly the epitome of ‘The Essence of Sports”

Above: Teaching the basics of fielding

As members of a McKinney group prepared for a summer missionary trip to Southern Cambodia, one of the missionaries got the idea to teach the game of baseball to the Cambodian children he would be visiting. McKinney Baseball Association was approached for a donation. As a non-profit organization itself, MBA strives to manage its expenses, helping to give players maximum value for the registration price. Used equipment was an area where MBA could help.

Above: Backstop going up at the field

Over the years, McKinney Baseball Association collected used or outdated equipment from coaches and parents as their kids grew older. From time to time, MBA provides that equipment to families in need. However, that equipment as well as unclaimed lost-and-found items from the past had accumulated in storage and, with the trend of most players owning their own helmets and bats, MBA had a surplus of older equipment and balls taking up storage space.

MBA Board members met at the storage unit and put together a few coach’s bags filled with used equipment–batting helmets, bats, gloves, tee balls and baseballs, batting gloves, and catcher’s gear. Within a few days, that equipment was on a plane and headed overseas! As the missionaries helped the locals construct a backstop and baseball field for the school, the children were excited to learn how to use the equipment from MBA.

Above: School in Southern Cambodia

“We are very thankful for the baseball equipment that was donated to take to this school in Southern Cambodia,” said Robert Waite. “It will continue to be used as a tool to help children grow…”

Above: Look close, a good example why you should keep your eye on the ball!

At our motto is “The Essence of Sports” and the smile that a glove can bring to a little boy whether it be in Mckinney, Texas or Southern Cambodia is priceless. Our staff would like to thank the entire organization of the McKinney Baseball Association for bringing a smile to the faces of children from another part of the globe. They are an inspiration and fulfill every angle of “The Essence of Sports”. What a great association to support.


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